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WeChat Online – Stay connected!

WeChat Online for PC - Windows and Mac - Free DownloadWeChat Online is a messaging smartphone platform and calling app. It allows you to connect with your friends, family and loved ones effortlessly. It is user friendly and reliable! After you learn how to use WeChat you can connect with anyone even across countries. You might ask yourself – why use WeChat Online. Well first of all it’s absolutely free, it’s a combination between MMS/SMS, texting, calling, video calling, photo sharing.

This product eases communication between people to the point of making it effortless. It has a user-friendly menu that even a child can get the hang of. Some of the features include “Multimedia Messaging” – here you send videos, texts, images and voice messages.

But don’t the rest of the messaging platform apps have the same features you just pointed? Well they do, but most of them don’t have group chats and calls, especially not the ones that can support up to 500 people in chat and group calls up to 9 people you can talk to at the same time. WeChat Online is great for setting dates, creating groups, organizing events, keeping in touch with your coworkers and much more. Leave everything to the imagination of what you can do with WeChat Online at your disposal!

Here you have a high-quality free calls to whoever you wish to talk around the world. WeChat Download Free app comes with a “Sticker Gallery” – hundreds of free animated stickers that help you express your feelings in times of chat. You can make calls to landlines and other mobile devices that don’t share this app at a low price rates, but in certain regions only. You can share personal moments with your friends and family with WeChat Online. Privacy is really important, that’s why WeChat Tencent Online gives you complete control over your privacy.

This app is used by lots of people around the world, it supports 20 different languages and has the option of translating messages to any language. Here you can send a real time location instead of trying to explain where you’re at in chat. WeChat for PC gives you the options of customizing your wallpapers, notifications and much more. Try it out for yourself!